Renowned sports magazine chooses Dominican Republic to make its debut in the hotel industry

The U.S. magazine Sports Illustrated, known worldwide for its yearbooks, has decided to make the leap to the hotel industry with the Sports Illustrated Hotels And Resorts brand and, to make its debut, has chosen one of the main destinations in the Caribbean.

As reported by Mega Diario, the company belonging to Authentic Brands Group is in the process of developing a resort in Cap Cana, a luxury complex located 15 minutes from Punta Cana Airport in the Dominican Republic.

The resort, scheduled to open in 2023, is being promoted through a partnership agreement with developer ADMI Inc. and tourism manager Experiential Ventures Hospitality LLC.

The hotel brand, which already has plans to expand in the United States in destinations such as Orlando (Florida, United States) and Hawaii, is focused on travelers and families fond of active tourism and sports. That is why the promoters of the project in Cap Cana emphasize that the property and the adjacent area offer different facilities for the practice of sports, including golf, fishing, cycling, horseback riding, diving, etc.

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