Robinson Canó to play in the 2022 Caribbean Series

Dominican and New York Mets player Robinson Canó will participate in the 2022 Caribbean Series representing the Dominican Republic.

In the Dominican Professional Baseball League, the Final Series is being played between the Gigantes del Cibao and the Estrellas Orientales, Robinson Canó’s team.

Canó has confirmed that regardless of the winner, he will participate in the Caribbean Series with the winning team and, by the way, representing the Dominican Republic, informed Tenchy Rodríguez.

The reason why Robinson Canó did not play in the 2021 Caribbean Series where the Dominican Republic won the championship undefeated, is because at that time he was suspended by the MLB and could only play in the LIDOM. Now he has paid for his mistake and is waiting for the Opening Day to play with the New York Mets.

In the last Caribbean Series we could enjoy the virtue of Yadier Molina playing for Puerto Rico.

Canó’s regular season numbers in LIDOM 2021-22
10 games, 300 AVG and 651 OPS, adding 2 runs scored, 12 hits and 7 runs batted in.

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