The baseball dreams of D’Angelo Ortiz, son of Big Papi

He belongs to the Westminster Christian School where A-Rod was formed and aspires to overcome it.

Unlike his father, D’Angelo is a right-handed hitter and pitcher.

David Ortiz, Pedro Martínez, Felipe Alou, Fernando Tatis, Vladimir Guerrero and Julián Javier, among many other Dominican baseball luminaries, planted their own numbers in the Major Leagues and also left their inheritance, children with their own dreams.

D’Angelo Ortiz, offspring of Big Papi, has his goal in the ball game and it is, in principle, to create his name, just as his father did, who at the end of his career left numbers that predict that he will be immortal in his first appearance on the ballot for Cooperstown.

Unlike his father, D’Angelo is a right-handed hitter and pitcher. Instead of wearing the number 34, D’Angelo currently sports “12” on the back of his jersey. There is no doubt that the figure of David Ortiz is great in baseball in the city of Boston and the Dominican Republic, and his son affirms: “I adore that pressure, to feel those butterflies in my stomach, I love to feel that people do not expect me to continue. your steps, but walk on them and get mine ”. The young man tries to give his best on every occasion and was proud to have Big Papi as his main teacher.

In the same way, the former Red Sox player indicates that he does not put any pressure on his son, although he answers every question about the game, which he usually asks him.

I don’t pressure him, I motivate him to follow in his footsteps, to walk his own path, says David Ortiz, noting that the only thing he wants for him “is for him to educate himself, to have good grades, in the game, he is making his own name.

D is taking this very seriously. I’m not pressuring you. What I want you to do is educate yourself. It’s not like I’m putting him on the ropes. All Tiff and I want is for him to educate himself, get good grades, and support him in baseball. You don’t need to be pushed. He’s pushing himself, “he says.

D’Angelo is 16 years old and plays in the initial, according to Ian Browne on the pages of, where he talks about the development of the promising player at Westminster Christian School in South Florida, somewhat coincidental, but it is the same school where Alex Rodríguez was formed.

In addition to A-Rod from that place, other players for the Major Leagues came out, such as Doug Mientkiewicz, JP Arencibia, Dan Perkins and Mickey López and D’Angelo, he aims to be the sixth.

Hitting no hit in four at-bats or four equal-chance hits is not D’Angelo’s focus in the game. He considers that a good command of the fundamentals and discipline are two necessary elements to advance in the different phases of teaching / learning, facing the draft of 22.

Like David, his mother Tiffany supports D’Angelo’s dreams while making sure he keeps up with all the other non-baseball details of life.

While David likes D’Angelo’s power swing, ability to hit all fields and disciplined approach at the plate, he feels his son’s work ethic could end up being his biggest separator.

Despite his ties to perhaps the greatest designated hitter in baseball history, D’Angelo has no plans to make a living as a designated hitter. A corner infielder, D’Angelo hopes to become third baseman.

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