This July 24, Cooperstown will shake with the music of the Dominicans, says David Ortiz

This coming July 24, the city of Cooperstown will shake with the joy and music of the Dominicans during the “Cooperstown Dominican Latin Fest”, an event with which he will celebrate his exaltation to the Baseball Hall of Fame to share with all his fans from the United States, Latin America, Dominicans and around the world, according to former Major League Baseball player David Ortiz.

This is Ortiz’s first visit to the city of Cooperstown, after his announcement to the Hall of Fame, where he offered a press conference and signed the plaque where his image will appear on July 24, which will accredit him as a member of the sacred temple of baseball.

“I am excited to reach the temple of baseball where there are great baseball players. But the most important thing is that I will be next to three great Dominicans: Juan Marichal, Pedro Martínez and Vladimir Guerrero,” said Ortiz during the press conference.

He assured that July 24 will be a very important day for Latin America, but especially for the Dominican Republic, where it all began. “On the day of the exaltation, the world will meet the most joyful fans in baseball: the Dominicans, who will arrive at Cooperstown to show their joy and enthusiasm”.

When answering a question about what his mother, Angela Ortiz and former baseball player Kirby Pucket represented to him, and who will not be present at the exaltation event, David Ortiz broke down in tears and assured that his mother was one of his main motivations to be who he is today. As for Pucket, he said he became a father and protector during his time with the Minnesota team, where he played for several years.

During the activity, Josh Rawitch, president of the Baseball Hall of Fame, presented David Ortiz with the jersey that identifies him as a member of the Hall of Fame.

Subsequent to the July 24 exaltation ceremony, David Ortiz has organized the “Cooperstown Dominican Latin Fest”, an activity open to the public, because as a humble man of the people, he wants to celebrate his election with his fans who have always supported him “and deserve to share this great achievement that is not only mine, but of all Dominicans, Latin Americans, Americans and fans around the world”.

David Ortiz has expressed that this activity represents a tribute to all Dominican baseball players who live putting the name of the Dominican Republic on high, and that with their dedication and dedication make us feel proud, besides serving as an example to young people who every day struggle to achieve their dreams.
The celebration will have a wide artistic line-up with the presentation of Dominican artists of the stature of merengueros Fernando Villalona and Sergio Vargas; salsa singer Yiyo Sarante, as well as urban music exponent El Alfa, and the famous musical entertainer DJ Adonis.

And to liven up the audience, there will be national and international presenters such as: Tony Dandrade, Michael Miguel Holguín, Joel López, Francisca Lachapel and Enriquito Rojas.

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