At Technology Fair, Government announces RD$2.2 million to support polytechnic of Los Alcarrizos

During the inauguration of the Technology Fair held at the Max Henríquez Ureña Polytechnic Institute, the Dominican government announced that the National Institute for Technical Professional Training (INFOTEP) will support the educational center with a contribution of RD$2.2 million to promote innovation, technology and the industrial revolution.

During the activity, headed by President Luis Abinader, INFOTEP general director Santos Badía also announced that, in coordination with the mayor of Los Alcarrizos, the institution will launch a program to support the youth of that municipality, to train 175 technicians who will be granted, while studying, a daily stipend of RD$400 for transportation and food.

“INFOTEP is a subsystem of the Dominican Educational System, the governing body of professional technical training and what we are doing today, in this Science and Technology Fair of the Municipality of Santo Domingo Oeste, organized by the Presidential Management Council, is the popularization of innovation, science and technology. In this sense, these kids are going to compete for excellence”, said Santos Badía.

The INFOTEP students are participating with a project consisting of a 3D printer, made from recyclable material, in the Science and Technology Fair of the municipality of Santo Domingo Oeste.

Santos Badia said that, together with Manuel de Jesús Ozuna, director of the polytechnic, the institution he directs will work so that the students there graduate with double degrees, bachelor and technicians certified by INFOTEP.

“President Luis Abinader, you taught us that ‘the future is today’, we do not promise you the future for tomorrow, ‘the future is today'”, pointed out the general director of INFOTEP, Rafael Santos Badía.

Dio Astacio, executive director of the Presidential Management Council, explained that on June 29 and 30, the best projects presented at the fair will be awarded.

He said that not only will they be awarded, but they will be supported with resources and content. “We are going to create an ecosystem for young people to get ahead, we are going to show that the Dominican Republic has talent. Success is within the distance of an idea,” he said.

Astacio stressed that the president has opened the doors of all institutions to help young people achieve their dreams.

In addition to INFOTEP, the Science and Technology Fair of the municipality of Santo Domingo Oeste is supported by the Community Technology Center (CTC), the Technological Institute of the Americas (ITLA), the Family Cabinet, Supérate, Promipyme and the Government Office of Information and Communication Technologies (OGTIC).

Also present at the inauguration of the fair were José Ignacio Paliza, Administrative Minister of the Presidency; Rafael Jesús García, Minister of Youth; Liborio Rodríguez, Vice Minister of the Presidency; Altagracia Julia Drullard, Governor of the Province of Santo Domingo; Antonio Taveras, senator of the province; Isidro Torres, general director of the CTCs; Manuel de Jesús Ozuna, director of the Max Henríquez Ureña Polytechnic Institute; Porfirio Peralta, director of PROMIPYME, and Iván Fernández, director of INESPRE, among other personalities.

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