Company launches technological solutions for MSMEs

A company that specializes in technological solutions for companies presented its new SAP products based on the specific needs of MSMEs in the Dominican Republic.

This is Abside, a regional company that with its proposal seeks to put its organizational and operational capacity to offer comprehensive and appropriate solutions for all types of companies through the use and exploitation of information technology recognized worldwide.

The company’s strategy, according to a statement sent to this media, is totally focused on the SAP suite of solutions to “help organizations and industries of all sizes to manage their businesses profitably, to adapt continuously and to grow in a sustainable way”.

José Luis Gascón, commercial and new business director of Abside, said that this new product includes a suite of solutions tailored to MSMEs, to achieve their digital transformation and provide a technology platform that supports their business processes, thus maximizing the stability, availability and performance of their business processes.

In addition, it aims to increase their revenue levels, reduce their costs and increase their productivity, in addition to obtaining visibility of their neurological processes with the required immediacy.

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