DiDi Food to arrive in the Dominican Republic to create new opportunities

DiDi Food invests in marketing strategies to support businesses in the gastronomy industry in their economic recovery.

DiDi, the world’s leading smart mobility platform, is preparing to arrive in the Dominican Republic with the DiDi Food app. This platform, which connects restaurants, users and delivery partners, seeks to make delivery an accessible option for every day and thus strengthen the economic recovery in the country.

Dominican Republic becomes the sixth country in the world where the application will be enabled, after Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Colombia and Costa Rica, adding together more than 150 cities where the platform is active.

DiDi Food will be activated in the initial phase in Santo Domingo, where it seeks to provide all local restaurants with another option to boost their sales, and for individuals the opportunity to earn additional income by acting as delivery partners, so that it becomes a technological tool for their growth.

In Mexico, DiDi Food is the platform with the most options, with more than 40 thousand affiliated restaurants, more than 50 thousand delivery partners and is the most downloaded app at the moment on IOS and Android in the food and beverage category.

“We are very excited to be able to share with Dominicans all the technology of our platform so that it becomes a digital tool that contributes to the economic recovery of many businesses and people. In the countries where we are already active, DiDi Food generates new opportunities and local growth, which is why we invite all restaurants and people interested in becoming delivery partners to enter our website and learn about this new technological option,” said Daniel Serra, general manager of DiDi Food for Central America and the Caribbean.

Strategic allies for restaurants

DiDi Food has become a technological ally of the Dominican gastronomic sector to boost its business. All restaurants, canteens or food businesses that wish to register on the platform can do so without any activation cost and through a very simple process.

Upon registering with DiDi Food, each restaurant will have an advisor available to help them take advantage of the platform. In addition, the app plans to invest in a robust business promotion program and marketing strategies to help position the offerings that will be available.

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