Dominican algorithm: present and future

Silicon Valley and Amazon have used technologies and social networks to measure trends, behaviors, consumption, lifestyles, belief systems and predictions about the needs of individuals or social groups. But the algorithm is also used by politics and large companies to invest, position themselves or know the needs of people in a given circumstance.

With these objectives, algorithms create needs, make everything in the world predictable, and then make it possible, to bring us all closer to living by seeming.

In commerce, the algorithm creates the need: “if you see it, you need it”, that is, you didn’t need it, but once they stimulate the dopamine in your brain, then, they create the need to buy it, to be useful or to calm the anxiety to have it. All this happens through the mirror neurons that capture, store and reproduce the messages throughout the brain, and then convert it into an impulse to buy.

Artificial intelligence in “early shipping” predicts what people will consume in the coming months.
I wonder: What is the Dominican algorithm? In political, social or cultural terms, what is the prediction of psychosocial behavior in the coming years? What can get worse or better in crime, corruption, assaults, banditry, social violence?

But also, what are the topics or services that people are most interested in? In short, the predictability of the Dominican economy more or less measures trends, inflation, growth of sectors, control of the circulating currency, maintaining the macro and micro economy; but it is up to the government to distribute, control spending and prioritize investment focused on vulnerable groups.

Algorithm scholars were validated to position President Donald Trump or Bolsonaro, choosing the speeches, issues and belief systems that people raise through social networks, or the fears, prejudices and fears that make them seek political, social, structural and even existential shelters.

We Dominicans live with non-consensual issues for decades or accumulated evils and, above all, skating or circulating towards the same trends, I wonder: is there a Dominican algorithm? What moves us, what makes us predictable, what matters to us or what we are indifferent to?

I think companies, tourism, the media, the financial system, know and control their algorithms. But in terms of social, political, cultural, philosophical, religious, or social behaviors we don’t know what the real predictability is.

I wonder: can the Government predict to advance plans, projects or psychosocial trends that will change the course of the Dominican spirit, or can it harden or strengthen the identity, self-esteem, compassion and altruism in Dominicans?

Violent behaviors, lack of civic culture, culture of peace and tolerance based on good treatment can be predicted to change it.

It is evident that the most organized make better use of technologies, artificial intelligence and algorithms. The indifferent and apathetic simply let things happen.

President Abinader has good intentions, he wants to make a difference, but everything points to using the algorithm to predict what is going to happen in 2022 and beyond.

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