DR develops technological and educational platform

In ‘Alaprendiz República Dominicana’, Dominicans will find a variety of free material for both young people and adults.

Dominican Lidia Almonte developed in the United States a technological and educational platform, ‘Alaprendiz Dominican Republic’, with the purpose of facilitating study tools and creation of web pages in the same digital space.

“Alaprendiz was born from many years of study and work in the United States. It is a dream come true and I hope that Dominicans can take advantage of this opportunity to have a platform of their own,” added the founder of the technology company.

Almonte has a PhD in Instruction, Design and Technology, from which her technological project for the use of learning management in any public or private institution was born.RD Plata Forma Tegnologica y Educativa

Likewise, she belonged to the U.S. Army, where she had her first contact with the virtual education ‘learning management system’, a learning management system that she saw as something innovative, but which the veteran felt was missing something.

“I was looking for something more in the digital sphere, that the internet was more alive, so in 2007 I left the Army, and began to teach as a teacher in a high school, where I was given a classroom equipped with technology that I used in an impressive way,” said Almonte.

Two years after serving the American homeland, she decided to leave the classroom to create tools to help teachers to teach better.

The proposal created by the Dominican uses a multilingual system that can be adapted to several languages, in addition to having a curriculum developed entirely in English that will be adapted to the standards of the Dominican Republic.

“The country’s institutions will be able to develop their own teaching system easily, using various tools that will allow them to create conditions that adapt to the needs of users,” she said.

About Alaprendiz

Alaprendiz Dominican Republic’ aims to be the Spanish-language platform dedicated to Dominicans. Through it, users will find a variety of free material for both young people and adults.

They will also have the options to create a virtual store with their shopping cart using only the platform’s tools “without writing a single line of code.”

“This platform is composed of a system that will facilitate the development of content. Among them we have resources to create language courses using artificial intelligence, and it also has its own code editor to teach programming,” Almonte said. He stressed that technology is something global, and we must think of it as an opportunity that provides the necessary mechanisms to prepare ourselves without limitations.

He said he hopes that this initiative, made for Dominicans, will be welcomed by them. “I hope they are motivated, that they can take advantage of these opportunities and get ahead as many other people have already done,” he concluded.


The platform will be launched on March 27, and among the first services that will be available are the virtual accessories store and membership.

With membership, users will be able to access a social network where they will find advanced language courses, programming, adult literacy, multimedia, teacher curriculum design, grammar, spelling, calligraphy, customer service and communication.

Source: Listindiario.com

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