First Community Technology Day is held

The Community Technology Centers (CTC) carried out with resounding success the first Community Technology Day on the occasion of the celebration of the 17th anniversary of the founding of this institution, which included talks and conferences to guide young people, children and adults on issues related to the technological field.

According to the director of the CTCs, Isidro Torres, this technological day is achieving its objective, since the public linked to schools and polytechnics has participated in an enthusiastic and massive way in an attempt to strengthen and consolidate their professional technical training.

Among the institutions and entities participating in this event were the National Council for the Promotion and Support of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Promipyme), the telephone company Altice, the Government Office of Communication Technologies (Ogtic), the National Institute of Technical Vocational Training (INFOTEP), the university UNAD and UNESCO, which covered topics related to business development and digital government.

For his part, the general director of the Government Office of Communication Technologies, Pedro Antonio Quezada Cepeda, said that his participation in this Community Technology Day, organized by the CTCs, ratifies the commitment of the institutions linked to ICT to work hand in hand for the transformation of the country.

“I would like to congratulate the Community Technology Centers, CTCs, on their seventeenth anniversary promoting human development in our communities. From my role as Director General of the OGTIC, I am committed to contribute to the construction of ICT capabilities aimed at the growth of people”.

He said that, from the OGTIC, they assume the task of promoting the digital transformation throughout the national territory, “we are the entity responsible for doing the operational work of the implementation of technological projects required by the country”.

In the same terms, Porfirio Peralta, general director of Promipyme, gave a motivational talk based on his experience in the business world, relating that he started in a micro-enterprise at a very young age.

He said that from Promipyme they develop a series of programs for the benefit of micro and medium enterprises, for which he said they are working on the transformations that the Dominican Republic needs with the creation of thousands of new jobs.

He assured that the MSMEs are the companies that generate jobs at a lower cost, in a very short time, distribute the wealth with equity and are found everywhere.

Melissa Muñoz, internationalist and political scientist, spoke about digital government as a leverage for entrepreneurship and citizen innovation.

Luis Valera, Director of Marketing and Recruitment of the Ideas Plus Entrepreneurship Center, gave a lecture entitled “Millionaire in three months of entrepreneurship”, in which he explained the steps to follow in order to have a successful entrepreneurship.

Isidro Torres recalled that this technological conference has the fundamental purpose of guiding many young people through the world of knowledge so that they can start their own businesses and thus stop being part of the large group of socially excluded.

The director of the CTCs said that it is essential for young people to acquire technological capabilities, skills and abilities, as these will enable them to access the government entities that will provide them with the “seed capital” to start their businesses.

“We are more motivated than ever to follow the path of transformation, these technology workshops are already bearing fruit, more young people are today being independent and already incorporated into the work train and all with the seeds of effort, work and technology,” said Torres.

Students from the Sol Angeles, San Velero, Ave Maria, San Roque, Maria Soriano, Fernollera, among others, participated in the event.

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