Huawei holds closing ceremony of Seeds for the Future

Huawei‘s flagship Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Seeds for the Future, successfully culminated its 2022 edition for Central America and the Caribbean. Twenty students participated from the Dominican Republic, 10 women and 10 men, achieving a 50% female representation in the program, surpassing the 25% of the previous year.

The closing ceremony of Seeds for the Future 2022 was attended by the executive director of Indotel, Julissa Cruz; the executive director of the Innovation Cabinet, Bartolomé Pujals; Tony Wang, country manager of Huawei Dominican Republic; Yunessis Sánchez, manager of Public Affairs and Communications of Huawei, and Miguel Matos, technical leader of Huawei Cloud.

Tony Wang thanked the young people for joining Semillas para el Futuro and highlighted how their participation boosts the development of its participants. “We hope that, with their growth, we can contribute to a better future in our country.”

Julissa Cruz thanked Huawei for being allies of the Dominican State and expressed to the students that they are the hope of society. “Everything that we fight for the digital transformation of the country, the economic and social development through the use of technologies, you are the ones who will help us make it happen, you are a small army of knowledge for the future that will lead us to this goal.”

Bartolomé Pujals congratulated the semifinalists of Seeds for the Future, expressing that they have just received a series of tools necessary to be developers, to improve the lives of their families and their environment. He stressed that “there is no innovation without creativity, creativity looks for people, and you produce it. You are the source of innovation. It is in your hands to be creators and developers, more than users”.Huawei holds closing ceremony of Seeds for the Future

Yunessis Sanchez, who is also a graduate of the Seeds for the Future program, said that with this group they now have a total of 56 graduates, noting also that Huawei ranks number 2 in companies dedicated to development and research globally, with 54.8% of its employees designated for this purpose.

The program, which for more than thirteen years has been aimed at developing local talent in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), in addition to providing training to university students with the latest advances in the technology industry, also involved students from Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Venezuela.

This year, Huawei opened the opportunity to young people from all university careers without the need to be linked to ICT. They extended the opportunity to students from Central America and the Caribbean. During one week, the 139 selected students received virtual technical training, ICT courses, group courses and Chinese culture courses from renowned technology experts in order to inspire the next generation of leaders through technology.

It also featured a new edition of the Tech4Good project, which seeks to help students develop creative and innovative skills by applying technology as the main tool to contribute to the solution of different challenges that arise within a community, city or country.

The three young winners of Seeds for the Future and the Tech4Good project will have the opportunity to carry out a regional integration and learn about the workshops that will be developed by the Technological University of Monterrey, in Panama; finally, the student who stands out as a leader by country will be awarded with a trip to Mexico for the Digital Talent Summit 2022 in November of this year.

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