Indotel announces it will bring broadband Internet infrastructure to 26 municipalities

With financing of US$80 million from the Inter-American Bank (IDB), the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel) will bring, in a first stage, broadband internet infrastructure through fiber optics to 26 of the poorest municipalities in the country.

The initiative is being carried out to bring quality internet to underprivileged areas, including some 136 municipal districts throughout the country, and will benefit more than 250,000 households in the selected districts. Most of these are located in the southern region and the border area.

Details of the plan were given by Indotel president, Nelson Arroyo, who said that the first stage will impact the inhabitants of the municipalities of Guayabal, Tábara Arriba, Las Yayas de Viajama, Pueblo Viejo, in Azua; Los Ríos, in Bahoruco; Las Salinas, Jaquimeyes, Polo, La Ciénaga and Fundación, in Barahona.


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