Indotel Director assures that telephone companies are ready to provide 5G technology in the country

The director of the National Telecommunications Institute (Indotel), Nelson Arroyo, assured that the companies that won the bidding for the concession and license to operate radio frequencies that will allow the implementation of 5G technology in the country, “are already able to operate and provide this service”.

In the central interview of El Despertador, Arroyo said that the National District, La Romana, Bávaro and Santiago are the first places where 5G networks have begun to be deployed and that there are already some phones available for this technology.

How will this new technology affect users?
The head of the telecommunications institute expressed that according to the telephone companies, this new technology will not negatively impact users, rather “there will be a greater deployment, but we will see how they (companies) elaborate their packages and we (Indotel) will try to follow up to see how users can receive a better quality and affordable service”.

It is recalled that Altice Dominicana and Claro, were the telephone companies that won the bid to implement this new technology in the country, a tool that will contribute to greater competitiveness, as well as greater efficiency in the productive processes of industry 4.0 and in homes.

This tender will result in revenues for the Dominican Republic of approximately US$73.8 million over the next 20 years.

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