Infotep gives way to the ‘4.0 revolution’ with active training in tourism areas

The general director of the National Institute of Technical Professional Training (Infotep), Rafael Santos Badía, informed that the entity is preparing itself with “new clothes” to intervene in the 4.0 revolution with competence, efficiency and responses to the labor market.

He indicated that they are preparing not to graduate millions of Dominicans with up to two or three Infotep degrees, but without jobs, but rather to promote 100 careers of the future, those that the national market is really starting to demand and where there will be more opportunities.

Within the training careers for the tourism sector, according to Santos Badía, the orange economy, that is, the economy of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, requires careers in the Dominican Republic such as hotel reception and online accommodation, tourism management and marketing, and restaurants and gastro-tourism companies 4.0, where people are already looking for special and individualized services, not group services.

In addition, technical careers in technology, health, auxiliary, accounting, pharmaceuticals, among others, according to Listín Diario.

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