Intrant installs driving simulators in Blue Mall and Ágora Mall shopping centers

EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO – The National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (Intrant), left in operation this Wednesday in the facilities of the Blue Mall and Agora Mall shopping centers, a pilot system of driving simulators that seeks to ensure Road Safety in the Dominican Republic.

With the incorporation of this new technology through simulation tests, Intrant seeks that users can have a more objective driving experience and closer to the reality that is lived on the roads of the country, strengthening the objective of changing for the better the way in which citizens move.

These education sessions began as an important approach to cargo carriers and will be extended to all classifications of drivers, so that everyone has the opportunity to learn about the devices.

At the end of the test, the simulation system provides results on the driver, which allow establishing his performance values such as: the way he performs driving maneuvers, anticipation, correct use of lights, ability to react in a timely manner, among others.

In this sense, the executive director of Intrant, Rafael Arias, affirmed that both those attending the Blue Mall and Agora plazas and the population in general, will be able to approach both commercial centers and learn about the operation of the new evaluation system which will allow a significant improvement in the way of driving.

The head of Intrant also pointed out that “the new tool automatically considers those specific points related to the rules, safety and attention required of the driver and also the test evaluates different components which determine if the driver’s driving skills are suitable, if they can be improved or corrected for the continuity of his driving on the highways and roads of the country, as well as a preventive measure, since the simulation allows assimilating knowledge in a shorter time through experimentation”.

Arias reminded that “in most road accidents, the human factor plays a crucial role since it is what determines human behavior as such”.

Likewise, the Intrant official pointed out that a calendar will soon be announced which will include the places where these simulators will be located for the type 2 vehicle category, in order to reach more citizens through other centers or points of contact close to them.

“We invite everyone to participate and have the opportunity to have an approach with them and be part of the change, so necessary for everyone”, concluded Arias.

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