New reality is driving the digital worker in Dominican Republic

One of the conclusions of the National Consultation on the future of vocational technical training in the country was that the new reality of work and the worker has created the figure of the digital worker and the self-employed (such as Uber) who use technology in the digital economy.

The consultation that was conducted by Infotep together with representatives of different productive sectors of the country showed that these workers combat their unemployment by working on demand, without a contract, without labor benefits, without social security, making their temporary employment precarious.

Given this reality, the National Consultation determined that Dominican legislation should provide coverage for the growing number of self-employed workers linked to digital platforms or services, promoting negotiations with the owners of the platforms or developing laws in this regard.

This morning all the conclusions of the investigation are being presented in an activity that takes place in the port of Sans Souci, with the participation of the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, and the general director of Infotep, Rafael Santos Badia.

Other conclusions regarding the prospects for employment, underemployment and unemployment, is that robotization, in the present and in the coming years, will be even greater, as it will be more efficient due to the incremental use of artificial intelligence.

In addition, the National Consultation revealed that robotization is occurring in large companies (although not exclusively) and will impact more in the coming years to companies in the different regions of the Dominican Republic.

It indicated that the implications in terms of job reduction will be felt in different ways, in different timeframes, in different volumes, and that the impacts will not only be due to the effects of automation and robotization, but also due to the effects of trends.


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