ProDominicana incorporates new data through DataMarket platform

The ProDominicana Data Market Intelligence platform has been updated to incorporate official data on International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) statistics, presented through various interactive panels of the business intelligence tool (PowerBI).

This was informed by the executive director of the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (ProDominicana), Biviana Riveiro Disla.

Riveiro explained that the new structure of the platform has new features available such as: international statistics on trade in goods, using as a source the UN-COMTRADE world trade database, the behavior of Exports and Imports of Goods in the Dominican Republic, Trade exchanges of the Dominican Republic by country and product with all our trading partners, both using the DGA database as a source.

New data was also added to the interactive panel of Provincial Profiles of the Dominican Republic, containing information on exports from the 32 provinces nationwide. The Dominican Women Exporters dashboard including statistics and export behavior. Regarding FDI statistics, a panel was created at the local and global level, using as a source the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD), and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

“This data management system also facilitates greater efficiency in the intelligence work on early warning follow-up related to changes in requirements for exporting to certain markets, exploring the demand for Dominican products in other markets and contacts with buyers and future foreign investors,” said the executive.

Riveiro assured that the ProDominicana team intends to continue increasing and promoting the creation of intelligence products, which serve as support for our commercial attachés in international markets to focus on the identification of economic sectors and demand for strategic products that serve as a reference for the entry of exportable products to other markets.

It should be noted that this update will significantly improve the consultation time for users, providing a superior data management experience for all clients, namely: Exporters, International Buyers, Foreign Investors, Public and Private Entities, International Organizations, ProDominicana Collaborators, Professors, Students and Society in General.


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