Success of the 3rd STIC Chapter RD cybersecurity conference

Held from April 19 to 21, the event was organized by the CCN, Incibe and the MCCE of Spain together with the DNI of the Caribbean country. It was supported by the Borredá Foundation, ‘Red Seguridad’ and ‘Segurilatam’.

The III STIC Dominican Republic Chapter Conference was a success in terms of attendance and participation. Held from April 19 to 21 under the slogan A unique cybersquad for Ibero-America. Exchange is the key, the cybersecurity event brought together more than 450 professionals from the sector in Punta Cana and a remote audience of more than 1,000 unique users from 32 countries. As for the conferences and round tables, they were given by dozens of cybersecurity experts from various countries.

A more secure, reliable and resilient cyberspace

Organized by the National Cryptologic Center (CCN), the National Institute of Cybersecurity (Incibe) and the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE) of Spain together with the National Department of Investigations (DNI) of the Dominican Republic, the III STIC Conference was inaugurated by Raquel Peña, vice president of the Caribbean country, and Antonio Pérez-Hernández y Torra, ambassador of Spain.

In the case of the former, she noted that meetings like the one in Punta Cana “help to strengthen the technological infrastructures of all Ibero-America to jointly achieve a safer, more reliable and resilient cyberspace”.STIC

For his part, the ambassador called for the promotion of awareness, training and cooperation in the field of cybersecurity in Ibero-America. This should be based on “deep and close historical, cultural and linguistic ties”.

The program was organized around three modules: International, Cooperation and Institutional -the latter dedicated to cybersecurity in the Dominican Republic-. It was completed with a series of workshops and a space managed by Incibe.

During the III STIC Dominican Republic Chapter Conference, numerous topics of interest were addressed, ranging from defense against advanced persistent threats to the important work of CSIRTs, as well as national cybersecurity governance models. And the program was closed by Esperanza Casteleiro, director of Spain’s National Intelligence Center (CNI).

The latter pointed out that “the CCN has been advocating the creation of a single cybersquad of which we are all a part. And with the holding of this conference, progress has been made towards achieving this objective, which I know has been joined by new actors to form part of this complex and, at the same time, exciting project”.

Support from the Borredá Foundation, ‘Red Seguridad’ and ‘Segurilatam’.

Among other entities, the Punta Cana meeting was supported by the Organization of American States (OAS), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Borredá Foundation, as well as Red Seguridad and Segurilatam -publications of the Borrmart Group.


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