WhatsApp exit has impacted more than other applications: here are the alternatives

In recent months, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook have not been down for such a long period of time. This Monday, these platforms have been down for more than three hours.

As an alternative, many Dominicans have migrated to another of the most popular instant messaging applications: Telegram, although there are reports that it had also suffered a downtime.

There have even been memes on social networks about people who have said that they have had to download the application in order to continue communicating.

As part of the impact caused by the fall of these platforms, many said through HOY’s Twitter account that they have been affected by business issues, which handle calls, photos and text messages with customers.

Meanwhile, others say they have felt like a vacuum, especially for lasting several hours without WhatsApp.

“I am losing money because by whatsapp I receive everything related to my work,” commented Henry Abreu.

WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook suffered a worldwide downtime of their services. Citizens from different countries, including the Dominican Republic, have reported that the main instant messaging platforms are experiencing problems.

From Venezuela, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and other parts of the world have reported the problem.

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