A Christmas in the heights

Mountain destinations in the Dominican Republic are a delight during the festive months at the end and beginning of the year. Mainly because they are the ideal getaway on dates when Christmas traditions make us long for that cool climate, the smell of pine trees and the company of family.

In these corners, where the cool temperature makes a perfect contrast with the Caribbean heat, there is a mountain tourism in continuous growth. And those who have plans to escape this coming Christmas should be looking at options for perfect mountain destinations.


An area full of greenery, crops and beautiful landscapes. Going through the different crops and even socializing with the farmers is an experience that makes us appreciate even more the value of simplicity. A visit to the famous Ariyama Strawberry Ranch is a must, a magical place, full of good vibes and colors, delicious products, and beautiful environments for the whole family.


Jarabacoa is located in the heart of the country, 530 meters above sea level. Its name, according to the Tainos, means “land of water springs”, but it is also called the “City of Eternal Spring”.

The horseback rides, the visits to the river, the Ivón ice creams of different fruit flavors served in plastic cups, the runs through the mountains full of cadillos, the smell of the earth, the nightly cookouts and the bonfires to calm the cold…


Known as the “land of water”, which is perfectly reflected in the greenery of its vegetation. Its attractions are mostly focused on nature and agriculture. Visits to strawberry plantations, walking under the famous tayotas crops, crossing suspension bridges that cross rivers of crystalline water, walking through the José Armando Bermúdez National Park and reaching “La Gruta de la Virgen”, whose image is placed on a stone where believers go to pray and even make masses. It has a church-style seating structure.

Some of its attractions are: the Aguas Calientes natural park, Bao River, Arroyo Hondo theme park
Arroyo Hondo theme park, La Ventana spa, La Milagrosa Chapel, Amina River, Mirador d’Art, Salto Jicomé and Salto Anacaona.

Ocoa Bay

The only wine resort in the Caribbean. Ocoa Bay is located in the province of Azua, in front of the bay, opened its doors in 2015 the first and only vineyard-resort in the country and the Caribbean.

It is characterized not only by the agro-tourism development of the area, but also by its non-negotiable commitment to sustainability.

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