Agreement signed for the development of Colonial City, Dominican Republic

The president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, headed this Wednesday the signing of an inter-institutional agreement for the execution of the Integral Tourism and Urban Development Program of the Colonial City, local media reported.

The reconstruction project will have an investment of 90 million dollars financed by the Inter-American Development Bank and three million euros donated by the European Union. The agreement was signed by the Minister of Tourism David Collado and the Mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejía.

In the activity, which was also attended by the Minister of Culture Carmen Heredia and the Director of Heritage Juan Mubarak, the Dominican President announced that the central Colon Park and the historic El Conde Street will be renovated with government resources, as a way to continue beautifying this tourist area of the capital.

The program is projected for 14 months, and in addition to revitalizing the area, public spaces and historical monuments will be recovered, the living conditions of the residents will be improved, there will be a greater development of the local economies and the management of the area will be strengthened.

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