Almonte: “Tourism is the main guarantee of economic recovery”

Julio Almonte, former Minister of Tourism of the Northern Zone, explained that the trajectory of the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination is the main guarantee of a positive recovery and growth of the sector, fundamental in our economy.

In an analysis of tourism at the beginning of the year, he pointed out that the behavior of Dominican tourism from 1980 to 2019, evidences a constant growth where the last decade 2010-2019 stands out with arrivals by air of 53 million tourists surpassing the sum of the previous 20 years (47 million) and approaching the last 30 years (59 million).

“At the same time in the foreign exchange income line during the years from 2010 to 2019 US58, 978 million dollars were generated surpassing the total of the previous 30 years (US54, 625 million dollars),” he said.

He indicated that “the international markets that have always been there available visiting the Dominican Republic, will continue to support our destination” citing the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, France, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia, among others.

Almonte said that the aforementioned and other issuing markets, remain every year bringing tourists to the country and are loyal to the offers presented by the country because they know the various products of the Dominican Republic.

“Our country maintains its strength in Latin America and the Caribbean, leaving in evidence the leadership in the industry and above all the growth in investment, the increase in tourist visitors, the preferred retirement option and a high-end approach,” he added.

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