Asonahores: public-private collaboration has been key to tourism progress

The Association of Hotels and Tourism of the DR (Asonahores) highlighted that investment policies have been the key to the growth of the tourism industry and showcased the achievements obtained in the past 2023.

David Llibre, president of Asonahores, highlighted the importance of the confidence generated through projects backed by public-private collaboration that has been a determining factor in the global positioning of the DR as a destination.

“Through the investments made by the tourism sector we have been able to strengthen the offer and increase the levels of socioeconomic development of the area by promoting the creation of new projects, diversifying and enriching the tourism product and strengthening our complementary offer,” he explained.

According to the recent report of the Ministry of Tourism on the behavior of the tourism industry, 41% of the growth of the national economy is reflected by the contributions of the tourism sector with more than DR$352,236 million in purchases, driving the productive chain and generating 183,373 jobs.

The president of Asonahores congratulated the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, for maintaining a high criterion of investment incentives which are reflected in the growth of the industry and which represent the incentives for the tourism sector.

He also highlighted the work carried out by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, for his innovative strategy of presenting the Dominican product first hand to travel agents of the main issuing countries.

Asonahores said that the support has been decisive and has kept us as a leader in the Caribbean by the flow of diversification of tourism investments, which are aimed at strengthening the supply of traditional areas, and the development of innovative projects such as Miches, Pedernales and Punta Bergantín.

The entity indicated that they will continue to bet on a clear and sustainable structure that can maintain and improve the profitability indexes for the investment that will allow the development of new rooms, and complementary offers, and also maintain the current tourist proposal updated to continue attracting tourists.



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