Cap Cana President stresses importance of diversification of tourism offerings

Fernando Hazoury, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the development company of Destination City Cap Cana, stressed the importance of continuing to support and promote the diversification of the country’s tourism offer.

At the inauguration of the Crisfer Residencial and the start of construction of Central Park in Downtown Punta Cana, Hazoury said that “the Central Park tourism real estate project in Downtown is an example of the progress and diversification of the tourism offer located on the second line of the coast”.

He also said that residential projects such as Crisfer, with more than 1,000 homes for collaborators in the sector, demonstrate the benefits that tourism spills over to all Dominicans”.

The businessman pointed out that real estate tourism is generated after sun and beach tourism matures, as has happened in the province of La Altagracia, where there are already several destinations such as Bávaro, Punta Cana and Cap Cana.

“The complementary offer of real estate tourism must be combined with urban tourism, which is only generated in already consolidated tourist destinations. Here we can talk about hotels on the second or third line of the coast that offer other attractions that are not purely sun and beach, such as those announced today that will be built here with international brands such as Mariott and Hilton,” said Hazoury.

Fernando Hazoury took the opportunity to praise the success of the vaccination campaign carried out by the State, stating that “it has transmitted security to the countries that send tourists to the Caribbean, especially to the United States market, which represents 80% of the arrivals”.

It is extraordinary what the tourism cabinet led by President Abinader and his team of officials headed by the Minister of Tourism has been able to achieve in a few months in this pandemic.

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