Collado: “the east is the backbone of tourism in the DR”

The eastern zone is the “backbone” of tourism in the Dominican Republic, assured this Wednesday the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, who said that they have invested more than one billion pesos in works in the province of La Altagracia.

“We must raise this tourist pole that is the spearhead of tourism in the Dominican Republic. Of the 2.8 million tourists who arrived in the first three months in the Dominican Republic, more than 1.7 million entered through the Punta Cana airport, more than 57% of tourists enter through this province,” he said.

In this sense, he said that the resources that this province produces by tourism must be invested to continue strengthening it and that every day it is stronger, organized and structured.

“In total in the province we reached more than one billion pesos in works delivered and those that are in progress and we will not stop,” said the official.

Collado, exhausted this Wednesday a work agenda in this province, where he inaugurated the reconstruction of the access road to the beach of Macao and left started the reconstruction works of the access roads to the Basilica of Higüey, as well as several streets of the municipal district of Verón.

These works will strengthen the tourist development in the zone and have an investment of RD$ 202 million 036 thousand 328.

“Each of these works are old claims of the community that we are committed to attend. That is why we are here with you,” said Collado.

The inauguration of the access to Macao beach consists of the rehabilitation of the two-lane road of 6.00 meters wide, which connects from the Higüey-Macao highway to the access leading to the beach, in a length of 1.2 kilometers, at a cost of RD$ 35 million 957 thousand 924.07.

This intervention includes the construction of sidewalks, curbs and pluvial drainage.

While the reconstruction of the service infrastructure of the surrounding streets of the basilica of Higüey will cost RD$ 95 million 375 thousand 124.16.

The project contemplates an intervention of 362 linear meters of the main road from the central park towards the basilica of Higüey.

The pilgrimage boulevard is dedicated to the mysteries of the Virgin and the Marian faith.

Meanwhile, the repair of the road infrastructures of the municipal district of Veron requires an investment of RD$ 70 million 703 thousand 280.28.

This intervention involves the reconstruction of the roads in about 4.35 kilometers in length, with a variable width; divided into two zones in the municipal district of Veron, in the area of Macao and La Jarda.

The project in the Macao area consists of the intervention of 8 road axes, divided into 4 zones. Meanwhile, the works in La Jarda are based on 6 road axles.


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