Collado warns carriers not to put the tourism sector at stake

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, informed that tourism in the Dominican Republic is above all else, for which reason he is attentive to the implementation and fulfillment of the operation agreement reached by the technological platforms that offer transportation services in the tourist zones.

His warning is due to the fact that last Monday several unions of Veron-Punta Cana stationed themselves at the Coco-Loco intersection as a form of peaceful protest with the purpose of demanding that the authorities comply with regulation 515-21, as stipulated and also with Law 63-17 of Mobility, Transportation, Transit and Road Safety of the DR.

“We cannot put at stake what is happening in the tourism sector; more than 700,000 tourists come to the country, there are more than 181,000 jobs that have been recovered; tour operators, travel agencies and the other lines that make up tourism are affected, and too much is at stake,” Collado emphasized.

He indicated to that Uber is complying with what has been agreed with the Government, for which reason, “After they register and it is known who their employees are, which is what the Government is interested in, the issue is in the hands of Asonahores because the hotels are private property, as is the airport and what has to be done is to reach an understanding”.

He detailed that Andres Marranzini, executive vice president of Asonahores, and in charge of negotiations between cab drivers, met with the unions where another meeting was coordinated next Wednesday and Thursday at noon to continue with the regularization process of Uber in the country.

“Asonahores indicated to me that everything is going well. They (cab guilds in the East) lifted the strike at 10:00 a.m. and agreed that they will no longer do anything until they meet on Thursday with the Hotel Association,” he said.

He explained that the theme is as follows: “They will go to Intrant to deposit the required documentation this Tuesday, they will meet on Wednesday with Asonahores and the idea is that on Thursday there will be a meeting between everyone: Intrant, Asonahores and the cab drivers to reach a final agreement”.

In addition, Collado said that after the last meeting there are only three points left to be agreed upon between the parties. “We are optimistic and I know that between now and Friday the issue will be finalized by sealing an agreement.”

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