Constanza proudly displays its first ecotourism guidebook

The guide has the support of the Ecotourism Cluster of Constanza, the sponsorship of the Ministry of Tourism and the Airport Department.

The Ecotourism Cluster of Constanza presented its first ecotourism guide, an informative tool of great interest for those who wish to know the main natural attractions, history, culture, gastronomy, accommodations and recreational spaces offered by the municipality.

The president of the cluster, Vienchy Rodríguez, in her welcoming remarks, said that the cluster’s board of directors is delighted to make available to everyone, and in all parts of the world, a document that serves as a reference for those who want to know the also called “Switzerland of the Caribbean”.

“This guide reflects the magic of Constanta. It shows its beautiful mountains, its prodigious crops, the warmth and industriousness of its people; its economic development, culture, tourist charms and multiple options for getaways, which conquer all who visit,” said Rodriguez.

The presentation of the guide was made by Milka Hernández, general manager of Grupo Sarma, responsible for the preparation of the document.

She explained the benefits of this destination based on its history, connectivity, natural enclaves and exquisite gastronomy, which goes from the countryside to the table, from star dishes that are preserved as the sweetest legacy of a population that lives between the incredible and the unmissable, with movie scenarios and emblematic places.

“This informative guide is part of a project of promotional brochures designed by the firm, with the aim of showing the best of the Dominican Republic’s tourism offer, based on a deep knowledge of the destinations, the narrative of experts in tourism communication and supported by a high-impact dissemination strategy,” said Hernandez.

This first edition of the guide has been dedicated to the late Jhonny Tactuk for his long and outstanding career in favor of tourism development and productive progress of Constanza.

Meanwhile, the prologue was written by the renowned professor, Bolivar Troncoso, who has a long career in favor of ecotourism and gastronomy, which he preserves and promotes through the Sabores Foundation.

The Ecotourism Guide of Constanza is available in English and Spanish, in digital version downloadable through the web, social networks and app store; being the first of its kind that unites these various sources of dissemination, sharing its use with the printed version, designed for those who enjoy traditional reading.

The closing remarks of the event were given by Carlos Peguero, vice minister of international cooperation of MITUR, who stated that “for the Ministry of Tourism, the release of this tourist guide of Constanza has a special meaning, because it serves to illustrate that the Dominican Republic is more than sun and beach”.

He expressed that this is part of the new tourism promotion strategy developed by the Mitur called “Tourism in every corner”; with which we encourage our domestic tourism showing each of our nature destinations and our most valuable resource “The warmth of our people”. He congratulated the Ecotourism Cluster of Constanza for this impressive guide that gives us for the benefit of tourism development in the Dominican Republic.

The guide has the support of the Ecotourism Cluster of Constanza, the sponsorship of the Ministry of Tourism and the Airport Department. As well as the support of JP Chenet, Alfridomsa, La Esquina Gastrobar, Jardín Constanza and Villa Pajón Ecolodge.

Other sponsors are Fresas Ariyama, Hotel Altocerro, Antojitos D’Lauren, Alto Bandera Camping, Aguas Blancas Restaurant, Asfer, Hotel Constanza, Valle Fresco Ecolodge, Moncarlo Restaurant y Pizzería, Suculentas Suppliers, Safari Constanza, Finca Doña Paula and La Montaña de Chenco.

About Constanza

Constanza is a municipality in the province of La Vega, located at 1200 meters above sea level; in the heart of the Cordillera Central, composed of intramontane valleys, alpine landscapes and a cold temperature practically all year round. For more information about Constanza, visit the Instagram @clusterecoturistico.

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