Declaration of Commitment to Sustainable Tourism in the DR

Minister David Collado and the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, Zurab Pololikashvili, headed this Tuesday the first international forum on sustainable tourism in the Dominican Republic, where they signed a declaration of commitment to strengthen and develop sustainable tourism together with the private sector and other actors in the sector.

The activity, which took place during a large part of the day in one of the halls of the Meliá Caribe hotel, located in the eastern tourist area of the country, was also attended by experts, as well as other actors of the tourism industry in the country and abroad.

“Today, in this international forum, we are summoned by the supreme interest of promoting a more environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism, which in turn allows us to continue generating quality jobs,” said Minister Collado.

The agreement to promote sustainable tourism was signed, in addition to Collado and Pololikashvili, by the president of ASONAHORES, David LIibre, Elizabeth Tovar, representative of the Third Sector of Tourism; Gabriel Escarrer, CEO of the Meliá group and Jaime Morillo, representative of Community Tourism.

The UNWTO Secretary General highlighted the importance of the agreement signed historically in the Dominican Republic and said that it is a great step towards strengthening sustainable tourism.

This International Forum on Sustainable Tourism takes place on the eve of the 18th meeting of the Executive Council of the UNWTO, which for the first time will meet in the country, starting this Wednesday.

The opening of this important international event, which, for the first time, will be hosted by the leading Caribbean tourism country, will be headed by Collado and UNWTO Secretary General Zurab Pololikashvili and will be attended by 22 ministers and delegations from UNWTO member countries.

It will serve as an ideal space to analyze, among all the actors of the industry and the host country, the advances, experiences, strategies and challenges of tourism.

Sustainability Forum

After the words of Minister Collado and Secretary Pololikashvili, a presentation on “Tourism for the Sustainable Development Goals” was given by Zoritsa Urosevic, Executive Director of the UNWTO (France).

The second presentation dealt with the topic: Sustainability of Dominican Tourism. Conclusions of the project “Transforming Tourism Value Chains in Small Island Developing States and Countries”, with Lisset Gil, Sustainability Consultant, Director of the TRANSTUR Project -supported by Tourcert, the German Ministry of International Cooperation and KATE- as speaker.

The celebration of this colloquium is of capital importance for the Dominican Republic, which has assumed as a priority in the current administration of Minister Collado to “promote the development of a responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals”.

According to the head of Dominican tourism, the forum, like the Executive Council meeting, will be an opportunity to transmit to the world “how the country has become the leader of this industry in the region”.


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