Dominican Republic expected to see an increase in reserves in January 2022

David Collado, Dominican Minister of Tourism, has stated that they expect a rebound in hotel bookings for the month of January 2022.

They are currently projecting figures that are higher than January 2018, which has been considered the best year for tourism in the Dominican Republic.

For Minister Collado, ‘we focus on working our hearts out, giving ourselves body and soul for the Dominican Republic, aware that 573,000 Dominicans live off this important tourism industry; $6.5 billion dollars come in every year to maintain stability; more than RD$1.5 billion monthly in taxes. That is why we get up with love to work every morning’.

In addition, the minister took the opportunity to inform of the creation of a public-private marketing committee to manage the international promotion of the Dominican Republic.

Collado pointed out that ‘when we arrived in the Dominican Republic they had reached 1,700 flights in the month of August, in the month of September 1,300; in the month of June 2021, 4,000 flights and in July, 4,200 flights’.

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