Dominican Republic plans to increase tourist flow with more charter flights to the destination

According to Arecoa, the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, said that he is looking for alternatives to increase the flow of tourists to the Dominican Republic by means of more charter flights to resolve the issue of reducing air ticket fares.

He recalled, after days past mentioning that the issue of air connectivity is one of the pending challenges to overcome that the country has, that flights to the DR are “excessively high”.

“Where we have excessively high prices to come to the Dominican Republic, we will go to the Civil Aviation Board (JAC), we will also authorize charter flights and other airlines so that they can come to the Dominican Republic and continue to maintain free competition,” he emphasized.

He indicated that the intention is to give the opportunity to airlines such as Arajet, so that airlines that are of Dominican origin help to recover an acceptable price level to be more competitive in the region.

“We are looking to the future of how to close these gaps, how the Dominican Republic instead of 5,200 flights can bring 6,000 and bring better competitiveness and always thinking of the Dominican diaspora that has the right to come to their country and pay a fairer and more economical price,” Collado said.

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