DR seeks to promote Mexican tourism

With the aim of strengthening tourism ties between the Dominican Republic and Mexico, the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic held the 2023 edition of its Tourism Roadshow, an unprecedented event in Mexico City that brought together more than 700 tourism industry leaders. With this initiative, the Caribbean country seeks to promote the Dominican Republic’s tourist attractions and significantly increase the flow of Mexican tourists to the island paradise.

With the outstanding presence of the Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, David Collado, the event brought together leaders of the tourism industry from both Mexico and the Dominican Republic, creating a propitious space to establish strategic alliances and strengthen cooperation between the two nations. The meeting served as a platform to present the Dominican Republic’s cultural, natural and leisure attractions to Mexican travelers.

In his inaugural speech, Minister David Collado highlighted the incomparable beauty of the island and the warmth of its people, emphasizing the diverse options offered for all types of tourists, from beaches with crystal-clear waters to cultural experiences and ecotourism adventures. He also mentioned the Dominican Republic’s work during the recovery from the Covid-19 global emergency, as well as the Dominican government’s commitment to continue improving the tourism infrastructure and guaranteeing a safe and pleasant experience for visitors.

For her part, Jacqueline Mora, Deputy Technical Minister of the Ministry of Tourism, during her participation highlighted the opportunities that the country identifies in the Mexican market, emphasizing that during the first half of this year, Mexican tourists who have traveled to the Dominican Republic have registered an increase of 58% compared to the same period in 2022, with travel agencies being the main driver of purchase with 30% and Punta Cana the destination with the highest demand with 74% of reservations. The deputy minister assured that 54% of these travelers are chiller, 24% business and 9% adventurous.

This initiative is expected to considerably boost Mexican tourism to the Caribbean island, generating a positive impact on both the Dominican economy and the satisfaction of travelers who choose to discover the charms of the Dominican Republic, and the beginning of the various promotional actions that the ministry will carry out in the country under the leadership of Carolina Perez, director of the Dominican Republic Tourism Promotion Office in Mexico.

Source: Reddenoticias.online

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