DR received more than 153 thousand tourists in the second week of January 2023

According to the official statistics of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) of January 8, 2023, 185,485 passengers entered the country by air and 153,391 of them were foreign visitors.

Passenger arrivals increased by 19.4% more in the same second week than January 2022, going from 155,392 to 185,485; while with respect to tourist arrivals (non-resident visitors) the increase was 23.8%, going from 123,941 to 153,391 non-resident foreign visitors, according to the weekly report of the Tourism Intelligence System (Situr) of Mitur.

In terms of origin, the U.S. market continues to predominate, with 70,544 tourists arriving in the country, representing a 46.6% share of arrivals in the second week of January and a 36.5% increase over the previous year.

Canada was the second most important issuer, with a participation of 20.5% in the arrivals and a growth of 203.5% compared to the same date of the previous year, according to Listin Diario.

The arrival of tourists from the United States and Canada is followed by tourists from Panama, Colombia, other countries and Spain.

The airports with more visits registered are Punta Cana, with 60.6 %; AILA with 20.4 %, Puerto Plata, with 6.5 %, La Romana with 1.7 %, El Catey, Samaná with 1.1 % and La Isabela with 0.4 %.

Tourists who visited the country during the second week of January chose hotels as their first point of rest. The report indicates that 68.9 % of foreign visitors stayed in hotels, 23.5 % chose private accommodations and 7.7 % did so through the Airbnb platform.

In the same period, the country received 1,361 flights from 98 airlines, with an occupancy rate of 76%. The highest occupancy recorded for these flights was in Punta Cana (86 %), followed by Cibao airport with 98 %, Gregorio Luperon 78 %, AILA with 63 %.

Source: Mitur.gob.do

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