DR targets Canada after drop in tourists from Russia and Ukraine

The Dominican Republic decided to reinforce its promotion in the Canadian market after the fall of tourists from Russia and Ukraine, said the Minister of Tourism, David Collado.

Canada is an “extremely” important market for the Dominican Republic, as it is the second largest tourist source for the Caribbean country, but had implemented “very strong restrictions” for tourism because of Covid, Collado explained to the press in the framework of a meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce.

However, after the opening of that nation “we turned all the promotion (…) all the strategies” to that territory, “and we are doing very well”, said the minister in his statements.

The country expects to compensate, in this way, the fall of travelers from Russia and Ukraine, after the loss of more than 100,000 tourists in the first two months of the year from those markets.

In January and February “as many as 50,000 Russians and some 9,000 Ukrainians were arriving,” said David Collado.

“Eastern Europe had become an important market,” but after the situation caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “we have managed in these two months to replace them,” he considered.

Russia was the second largest tourist issuing market to the Dominican Republic in 2021, with 182,065 travelers, a number only surpassed by the United States last year, while 85,912 Ukrainian tourists arrived in the country.

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