Entities will take advantage of Punta Bergantín project opportunities

The Puerto Plata Destination Tourism Cluster (CTDPP), as a management ally, met with a commission of officials of the Mayor’s Office of the municipality of Villa Montellano to manage the tourism projection of the municipality, as a result of the development of Punta Bergantín.

The meeting, headed by Birgitt Heinsen, president of the CTDPP and the mayor, Héctor Almonte, served as a scenario for the parties to present the projects in which both entities can generate better links based on the ambitious project being developed in the area.

The Cluster’s board of directors expressed their willingness to be a support entity for the organization and removal plans that Mayor Almonte’s administration is planning.

As first steps, they identified as a matter of public interest to urgently declare the structuring of a Municipal Land Management Plan for the municipality of Villa Montellano, a request to which the Cluster and its allied entities would join.

Other actions were socialized to be implemented in alliance, in the short term, which aim to support the transformation of the municipality and its areas of tourism potential.

On behalf of the Cluster, the directors of the Cluster José Natalio Redondo, founding member of the institution; Carlos Rodolí, president of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the North (Ashonorte) and César José de los Santos, president of the board of directors of the Association of Hotels, Condominiums and Commercial Establishments of Playa Dorada, among others, participated in the meeting.

Meanwhile, the City Hall commission was composed of Councilwoman Dolores Lantigua, president of the Chapter House; Ricardo Javier, director of the Urban Planning department, and Félix Mario Balbuena, advisor of Communications and Public Affairs.



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