Get to know Dominican Republic” event promotes the country in Italy

The event featured important awards, artistic presentations, filmmakers and screenwriters, but above all a display of Dominican culture.

Dominican Republic. The event “Get to know the Dominican Republic” was held with the purpose of making Dominican culture known through a rich program of cultural and entertainment proposals; conferences, gastronomy, art exhibitions, fashion and artistic presentations.

The activities took place on the stage of Villa Sublime, in Rome and began with the welcome and opening of the program by the president of Promueve RD, Mirtha Racelis Mella, who thanked the reception of the event and expressed her willingness to continue working to promote Dominican culture and identity in the Dominican Republic.

The event that “explored the Caribbean country through the five senses” was also headed by the ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the Holy See Luis Emilio Montalvo, who reviewed the cultural aspects that can be a perfect setting for a trip not only fun, but culturally rich, especially the historical relics of the colonial past of the capital of Santo Domingo and the routes of Religious Tourism that the country offers.

The natural beauty and the opportunities that the Dominican Republic offers in terms of tourism and investment were illustrated by the director of the D.R. Tourism Office in Italy, Neyda García Castillo, who gave those present an interesting political, demographic and physical profile of the country in an exhaustive and precise manner.

The event featured important awards, artistic presentations, Dominican filmmakers and screenwriters, but above all a Dominican display and culture.

Chef Joayda Herrera delighted the palates of those present with a tasting of some of her culinary creations, transporting, through the sense of taste, all those present to the Caribbean island; while in another exhibit the typical costumes “Cocotales” by plastic artist Jhan Paez and “Taíno Soy” by international stylist Giannina Azar could be admired.

To complete the multicultural exhibition, two typical carnival costumes were also on display, accompanied by a suggestive and colorful art exhibition by a collective of emerging Dominican artists, including Carlos Grant, Terrero and Ana Henríquez.

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