Government maintains high expectations with the start of Red Air flights

The start of new air operations connecting the Dominican Republic with different international destinations has the government very much looking forward to the results expected with the arrival of more visitors to the island.

For this reason, President Luis Abinder indicated that “the start of operations of RED Air, comes to diversify the supply of commercial flights in the country, opening spaces for competitiveness and a wide variety of offers for users”.

He explained that following the airline’s plans to offer two daily frequencies of charter flights, round trip from the Las Americas International Airport (AILA) to Miami International Airport, it represents a total of 14 flights a week, with a passenger quota of more than 2,000 people.

“With these flights, the country benefits thanks to a greater interconnection with the rest of the world, which will certainly be increased as of February 2022; And of course, the tourism sector benefits directly, which is at its best moment; even surpassing the pre-pandemic numbers. This underpins the country’s economic recovery”, added the President.

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