Government to reduce taxes for Dominicans traveling to the country from the U.S.

Dominican Congressman Adriano Espaillat advocated today for the government to reduce the taxes applied to flights from the United States, which he considered an intelligent measure that would boost tourism.

In the opinion of the member of the U.S. Congress, the tax burden that Dominicans must assume when traveling to their country is excessive, something that, he said, should be reviewed taking into consideration that they are the ones who contribute the most to the local economy with remittances.

He said he is advocating for “a dramatic reduction in the taxes applied to the cost of flying to the Dominican Republic”.

He said that currently the amount that Dominicans pay for each ticket is in the range of $160 per ticket (about 9,000 pesos).

“I believe that this is excessive and that the Dominican government should consider dramatically reducing the level of taxes it applies to flights,” he said while participating in El Despertador’s central interview.

He said that this “could motivate more people to travel to the Dominican Republic” because the current tax “is the highest in the region and I dare say (that) in the world”.

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