Inverotel congratulates on collaboration in FITUR 2022 and tourism recovery

The president of the International Hotel Investors Association (Inverotel) evaluates that the Dominican Republic is “a reference for the successful management of the pandemic”.

The president of the International Hotel Investors Association (Inverotel), Spanish businesswoman Encana Piñero, CEO of Grupo Piñero, congratulated the Government for the work done to achieve the recovery of national tourism and accepted the country as a partner for the FITUR 2022 International Tourism Fair, to be held in Madrid from January 19 to 23.

The figures of its tourism activity has turned the Dominican Republic “into a benchmark for the successful management of the pandemic” thanks to the work done by the Tourism Cabinet headed by President Luis Abinader and coordinated by Tourism Minister David Collado, he noted.

“The recovery has been above expectations, having clear that rapid vaccination is fundamental to generate confidence”, said Enarna Piñero interviewed by journalist Moisés González of the digital newspaper and youtube channel Despertar Nacional.

The hotel businesswoman highlighted the employee support measures, such as the Fase program, which have helped companies and employees to overcome the pandemic. When the pandemic is behind them, they will continue to be “strong and sustainable companies”.

Inverotel and its plan for new investments in the DR
She highlighted the announcement made in October that 16 Spanish hotel chains grouped in Inverotel announced that they will execute a plan of new investments in the Dominican Republic for an initial value of more than US$580 million until 2024.

Encarna Piñero highlighted some priority areas: public safety, energy and water infrastructure, health and tax facilities, and competition regulations. “We are facing a great opportunity for all of us; we have to work from our responsibility to take advantage of it,” she said.

The Dominican Republic’s tourist destinations would receive more than 1.2 million visitors in the last two months of 2021, according to projections handled by the Ministry of Tourism and which were revealed Thursday by the head of that portfolio, David Collado.

The minister assured that the country would end this year receiving the visit of five million tourists. He detailed that for this month the arrival of more than 573 thousand foreign visitors is expected and for December the arrival of more than 650 thousand is projected.

He highlighted that reservations at airports are 20% more than for December 2019 and that for next January, as of today, the number of reservations is similar to those of the same month in 2018, the best period for Dominican tourism.

Applauds the DR as a FITUR partner country

Encarna Piñero said that “it was very wise” the Dominican Republic’s decision to become a partner country of FITUR for the FITUR 2022 International Tourism Fair, to be held in Madrid from January 19 to 23.

“For me it has been a great initiative, I have already conveyed it to Minister Collado and President Abinader, I think it is an ideal time, ideal to sponsor this fair or to be a partner country of FITUR,

“It’s a great initiative, we applaud and value this decision that will allow the Dominican Republic to continue to make a stronger impact as one of the leading destinations in the Caribbean,” he said.

Inescapable commitment to sustainability
The consequences of global warming are very close to the Dominican Republic, as it is one of the ten countries most vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

That is why, as part of the social commitment to the Dominican Republic, on October 24, the World Day against Climate Change and the COP26 Climate Summit, held in Glasgow (United Kingdom), Encarna Piñero applauded “the unavoidable commitment to sustainability” of the Dominicans.

She said she was convinced that the future of tourism destinations will depend increasingly on sustainability and responsible business leadership, that which “does not accept arms folded in the fight against climate change”.

“My message is that we must be an example of sustainable tourism management and for that we must go hand in hand with both businessmen and government and that is one of my great purposes, not only as CEO of Grupo Piñero but also as president of Inverotel,” she said.

“For us it was fundamental to put among our objectives to change priorities and “seek social peace, co-responsibility and help our teams, both the families who work in our hotels and the nearby communities”.

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