Jarabacoa and its charms

Jarabacoa is undoubtedly the ecological capital of the Dominican Republic, located in the heart of the Cordillera Central.

This municipality belonging to the province of La Vega, has an impressive nature, beautiful landscapes, a robust vegetation and a diversity of resources that give it its enigmatic charm.

One of the most outstanding mountain tourism activities that Jarabacoa offers is the Yaque del Norte river crossing. It has three majestic waterfalls: Salto de Jimenoa I, Salto de Jimenoa II and Salto Baiguate, besides being in the vicinity of Pico Duarte (the highest in the Antilles).

Jarabacoa has a tropical rainy climate, with an average annual temperature of 22 °C with little variation, and abundant rainfall throughout the year.

Tourism is the sector with the greatest potential for development in Jarabacoa, with ranches and hotels with all the comfort sought by vacationers.

The city has exceptional conditions to develop mountain tourism and ecotourism. The main tourist attraction activities that can be carried out are: rafting, tubing, canyoning, cascading, mountain biking, four wheels, vehicles, horseback riding, among others.

Jarabacoa is home to the most important mountaineering route in the Antilles, the route to Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the Caribbean at 3,175 meters above sea level.

Another of the visual attractions of this town is the Ébano Verde Scientific Reserve to the southwest, with a highly biodiverse cloud forest, endemic species and an ecotourism program.

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