Katmandu Park will be able to receive 4,000 visitors per day in Punta Cana

The Katmandu Park being built in Punta Cana is designed to receive 4,000 people per day from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., according to Simon Hirst, director of Parks, Operations and Expansion of Falcon’s Beyond Global.

The executive indicated that the entrance fee to access all attractions will be $120 for adults and $85 for children and will be ready in the third quarter of 2022 to become the first theme park developed 100% in Punta Cana, adding an important value offer to the destination, for the quality of its attractions and the unique experiences that visitors will enjoy.

“This park perfectly fills an important gap in the market, Katmandu Punta Cana will be the only theme park of its kind in the Caribbean, and will be able to satisfy the enormous hunger of visitors for world-class entertainment. It will be an absolutely unique experience for visitors from surrounding hotels, tourists from the United States and Punta Cana residents alike,” he emphasized.

He recalled that the park, which includes in addition to its incredible attractions, gastronomy, stores and world-class entertainment, is being built in alliance between Falcon’s Beyond Global and Meli√° Hotels International, on 17,000 square meters with an investment of US$120 million.

Katmandu Park will feature signature restaurants offering delicious favorites, unique local cuisines and tasty bistro bites, street food carts, cafes) and stores (for world-class shopping with offerings from local and international vendors).

Innovation and Technology

The park will feature innovative technology developed at Falcon’s X-Lab, located at Falcon’s Beyond headquarters in Orlando, Florida. One of the technologies is the ON!X interactive theater, which integrates real-time content, feedback and responsiveness, all within a 5D theater format, producing immersive and dynamic massively multiplayer video game experiences.

Participants are equipped with haptically-enabled physical objects that are tracked in 3D to interact dimensionally with the content in real time. High-quality SFX motion seats, which directly harmonize with the real-time interactive experience and participant performance, provide smooth yet precise movement in multiple degrees of freedom and feature special effects of wind, light, smell, discrete audio and visceral mechanics to engage all senses.

Another innovative attraction to debut is Falcon’s Suspended Theater, which offers the world’s only two-scene flying theater experience that transports visitors from what appears to be a traditional theater environment to a massively immersive curved screen. The Suspended Theater attraction system, endowed with a number of key features, is the perfect vehicle for immersive storytelling.

The unparalleled product, which exudes power as it takes passengers through epic adventures, offers the unique sensation of flying in a whole new way. Visitors enter what appears to be a standard wide-screen theater. Here, a pre-show is offered that builds anticipation.

When the main show begins, the ceiling is dramatically detached and spectators are quickly but elegantly lifted up and placed in front of a giant curved screen. This exciting moment uses the element of surprise to introduce visitors to the story.

The system-controlled movements are perfectly synchronized with the animation media, immersing passengers in the narrative spectacle wherever they look. Whether flying through magnificent real-life landscapes or imaginative dreamscapes, the journey is seamless – the story, uninterrupted. Once takeoff occurs, there is only pure, uninhibited flight.

Details of the Katmandu Punta Cana, which will be located at a strategic point in the area, situated on Alemania Avenue, a short distance from the resorts and only 16 km from the Punta Cana airport, were offered during the Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange -DATE 2022 held by Asonahores.

During the three-day fair, brand executives were able to share details with tour operators, hoteliers, national and international travel agents who showed interest in the great product that comes to add entertainment options to the favorite Caribbean destination of the Dominican Republic and Punta Cana.



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