La RD mise sur le marché de la Floride pour renforcer le tourisme d’été

David Collado, Minister of Tourism, announced the implementation of a series of actions to continue strengthening tourism during the summer, which no longer represents a low season for the Dominican Republic as it used to happen during that season.

He emphasized that thanks to a visionary and national effort, the old behavior in the arrival of visitors in summer in the last two years has been reversed, with July being one of the best months in the history of the sector.

He recalled that in 2023, 792,981 tourists arrived in the country by air. In 2024, in the middle of summer, June and July aim to set records again.

“We continue to strengthen the Dominican Republic’s summer in tourism. A few years ago the summer theme was a low season for our country and in the last two years the month of July has been one of the best months in the history of tourism,” he specified.

To this end, he explained that, as a bet to maintain this positive behavior, work is being done to impact the Florida market, which is the strongest market for the Dominican Republic in the summer.

In this regard, the minister said that next Tuesday he will hold a meeting with the main travel agents and tour operators in Florida.

He said that the action is in addition to the development and deployment of a local campaign, in coordination with the Association of Hotels and Restaurants (Asonahores), promoting domestic tourism with special hotel offers for Dominican families, in connection with the vacation season.

Similarly, he explained that a team is working on the strengthening of the infrastructures on the beaches so that they are properly conditioned in an integral way, according to the Nuevo Diario.


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