Latam Capital invited to enter new tourism development area in DR

The exponential growth of the Dominican Republic in terms of tourism has led the authorities to develop new alternatives that allow them to continue expanding the offer for visitors from all corners of the world.

For this reason, the Vice Minister for Economic Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugo Rivera, received representatives of the Latam Capital Group, who are currently developing real estate projects in the Punta Cana sector.

“We discussed various issues with Deputy Minister Rivera, especially the possibility of participating in the construction that the Dominican government is carrying out in a new development area located in Pedernales, through the realization of a public-private partnership that is beneficial to all involved,” said Mario Alegria, CEO of Latam Group.

The Dominican Republic closed 2022 with an 11.2% increase in the number of foreign visitors, so the authorities are working on alternatives to be able to absorb the demand in the tourism sector.

Pedernales is located 300 km from the Dominican capital and has a unique natural beauty, surrounded by white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, as well as capes, virgin islands and hot springs, among many others. “Here are the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and I would even dare to say that Pedernales has the best beaches in the world,” adds the CEO of the Chilean group.

Cabo Rojo, is the place where this new model of sustainable tourism of the provincial administrative headquarters of Pedernales is being executed, which seeks to attract investors such as Latam Capital, to give a seal of distinction and security to the project, along with respectable firms such as the Chilean group.

“We believe that the Dominican Republic presents a very great business potential for foreign investors, which added to the invitation by the government to be part of this zone that is just beginning to develop makes us very happy and we are obviously considering it”, emphasized Alegría.



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