Mario Casas and his trip to Maldives with his mother

Mario Casas has had a non-stop summer, but it’s not all work! The actor has traveled to Maldives, a paradisiacal destination that is associated with romantic images, but he has decided to share with his mother, Heidi Sierra. Stay to see the first images after his arrival!

Mario Casas shows his complicity with his mother on his trip to Maldives.

Mario shared a few days ago some enviable photos in the Dominican Republic, a holiday destination he has enjoyed with his siblings Christian, Oscar and Sheila. They can’t get along better!

From the crystal clear waters of Central America, Mario Casas has taken a leap to the other side of the world and has just announced his arrival in Maldives, and has uploaded a video during the flight and another upon arrival at the resort accompanied by the woman of his life, his mother.

The actor, who is always very discreet about his private life, is collaborating with a travel agency he has worked with before. This could be the reason why we would be participating in this special family trip.

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