Montecristi activates by receiving the platform “Tourism in Every Corner”.

The province of Montecristi this weekend is the stage for the promotional platform “Tourism in Every Corner” carried out by the Ministry of Tourism, as a way to promote each of the destinations and their diversified proposal.

The activity will take place on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14, in the Duarte Park (Clock Park), where there will be a large exhibition and sale of tourist, cultural, gastronomic and handicraft products of the province.

This promotional platform has the involvement of the main actors of the value chain of the territory, thus promoting management and sustainable development.

The public that attends will be able to enjoy the artistic presentations of the folkloric ballet and the typical group of the Ministry of Tourism, the group of the Special Angels Foundation, batón ballet, children’s groups, as well as cultural manifestations of the carnivals, roba la gallina, among others.


Montecristi is one of the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic, located in the northwestern region of the country. It was founded by Nicolás de Ovando in 1506.

It has tourist attractions such as: El Morro National Park, which offers hiking activities, viewpoints, boat tours through the mangroves of Montecristi and Manzanillo, walks along the coast, excursions to Siete Hermanos Key and Cabra Island, where you can also go camping and appreciate a great night space for sidereal observation.

There are also other places of interest such as the Montecristi Clock, designed by the French engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel and built by the famous French watchmaker Jean-Paul Garnier and the Máximo Gómez house museum.

Visitors to the province will also find its traditional dishes, such as goat, the “Dominican flag”, varieties of fish and seafood in the area of the Montecristi boardwalk, homemade ice cream and a variety of nighttime gastronomy.

This province is divided into 6 municipalities; Castañuelas, Guayubín, Las Matas de Santa Cruz, Montecristi, Pepillo Salcedo (Manzanillo) and Villa Vásquez, as well as 5 municipal districts; Palo Verde, Hatillo Palma, Villa Elisa, Cana Chapetón and Santa María.

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