Outsourcing of services will boost tourism by 2024

The outsourcing of services will boost tourism in the DR in 2024, due to the increase in the number of hotel services outsourced to improve the customer experience.

This was stated by Karina Castellanos, general manager of Grupo EULEN DR, as she understands that “after the crisis caused by the pandemic, companies are focused on maintaining and growing their business, expanding their client portfolio and increasing their resources and results”.

She said that the outsourcing of services enhances the actions, because it responds to the other procedures involved in the operation of the company and need an optimal performance, giving an added value, both for the focus on the core business and cost reduction.

According to the expert, the business sector will maintain its preference for outsourcing services and this trend will continue to expand in other industries, thanks to the administrative and economic savings.

In addition, she said that there are challenges such as the proliferation of suppliers, who may not necessarily be trained and have the necessary experience; the economic uncertainty at the beginning of the year; and the viability of those processes that may or may not be candidates for an outsourced model.

Finally, for 2024 it is essential that companies interested in acquiring this service establish a plan, define a budget and analyze the tasks that require outsourcing to have a clear and defined picture; once these steps are defined, hire an expert in the field to ensure the quality of the service.

Source: Arecoa.com

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