Peravia has unique attractions for tourism development

The founder of the Puntacana Group, Frank Rainieri, highlighted the great opportunity that Baní has to develop the fishing and sailing niches as unique tourism attractions in the province of Peravia.

During the business conversation with the Baní Tourism Cluster, Rainieri explained the objective of achieving a rapprochement and communication exchange between entrepreneurs in the area, to promote the development of sustainable and sustainable tourism in the province of Peravia.

“I like to remember the importance of tourism, as it is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Tourism mobilizes societies, because it permeates all areas of a country’s life. This allows social advancement and, consequently, also brings peace”, he said at the meeting organized in Puntarena.

Meanwhile, Juan Tejeda, president of the Baní Tourism Cluster, valued the importance that Rainieri, as a visionary businessman, has considered Baní and its natural wealth to invest as a new tourist pole in the south.

He emphasized the importance of the scenario for the promotion of the natural wealth, values, goodness and customs that define the cultural identity of the southern zone, especially the people of Baní.

“This space for dialogue has become ideal for the development of activities of the tourism industry, because it encourages the economy and new ventures, while creating awareness in the citizen about the care and protection of the natural resources of the province,” he said.

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