Work of tourism press in favor of tourism in DR highlighted

Ányelo Mercedes winner of the “Gran Premio PEL 2022”, on the 45th anniversary of ADOMPRETUR.

Tourism Minister David Collado highlighted the work of the tourism press and its important role in promoting the Dominican Republic.

Collado gave these statements at the ceremony of the Dominican Association of Tourism Press (Adompretur) successfully celebrated the XVIII edition of the Epifanio Lantigua National Tourism Journalism Award (PEL) 2022, with Ányelo Mercedes being the Grand Prize winner.

“We firmly believe in the tourism press and its hard work, a constructive press where the landscapes and essence of the Dominican Republic are highlighted, Adompretur is an institution in which we firmly believe and we congratulate the effort to make these awards,” said the official.

Again, he reaffirmed the support to this industry that generates jobs and foreign exchange. He also congratulated the journalists who promote the country’s attractions with their reports.

Yenny Polaco Lovera, president of Adompretur emphasized that “we reward journalists and communicators who invest their time in highlighting the tourist beauties, the existing needs and why not, the denunciation of irregularities in the sector to make them visible to the authorities, always attached to the ethics and duty of the tourism journalist”.

Polaco Lovera acknowledged the support of the Ministry of Tourism headed by David Collado, the Banco Popular Dominicano and the Hotel Barceló Santo Domingo, which together with other important sponsors have placed their trust in this project that exalts good tourism journalism.


Grand prize: Anyelo Mercedes, who also received the written press award for his reports “Muchas aguas, recurso natural que muta y no deja de sorprender”, “Belleza Salto del 12, en Gonzalo, lo hace parecer lugar místico”, published in the newspaper El Día.Gran Premio PEL 2022

East Region: Paula Reyes Dipré, for her report on La Romana broadcast on the program Noti Turismo con Paola.

North Region: Daniel Mercado for his report “Sosúa, un lugar de ensueño”, published in

Television Documentary: Alexander Martínez Bonilla for his work “Encantos de San José de Ocoa”, broadcast on Super, channel 33.
Television or YouTube: Cristian Santana for his report “La ruta de murales de Ciudad Nueva, nueva opción de turismo en República Dominicana”, broadcast on channel 25.

Photography: Jorge González for his sequence of photographs taken in the Colonial City, El Morro and Sendero de las Cruces, which were published in the newspaper El Nacional.

Art & Culture: Jesús Vásquez for his works “Aguas termales: una industria virgen para el turismo dominicano” and “Sarandunga, arte, tradición y fe”, published in

Digital press: Daniela Pujols for her report “Cayo Arena, a paradise of crystalline waters and colorful fish”, published in Diario Libre.

Specialized media: El Nuevo Diario newspaper and its director Persio Maldonado, who was represented by Jaime Rincón, executive of the media.

Honorable mention: Génesis Paché for her reports on Dominican handicrafts, published in the newspapers El Tiempo and Bavaronews of Bávaro.

Special Recognition

Ventura Serra and journalist José Rafael Sosa for their constant support of the Award and the initiatives carried out by Adompretur.
Honorable mention Genesis Paché for her reports on Dominican handicrafts, published in the newspapers El Tiempo and Bavaronews of Bavaro.


Tony Pérez, the president; and composed of Luis Felipe Aquino, Luis José Chávez, Gustavo Olivo, Esteban Rosario, Marivell Contreras, Aurelio Henríquez, Bolívar Troncoso, Oscar Peña, José Antonio Aybar, José Mármol and Edgar Lantigua, who is the son of Epifanio Lantigua.

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