Punta Cana: a great tourist respite

The launch of the vaccination day against Covid-19 in the Punta Cana area constitutes a great respite for tourism in the main leisure destination in the Caribbean and one of the most popular in Latin America. In this successful initiative that seeks the immunization of all people who reside in this tourist pole, it is worth highlighting the joint work of the public-private sectors.

In a concrete sense, the Puntacana Group’s willingness to carry out such a valuable journey from Terminal B of the airport is admirable, with the installation of 20 vaccination stations. And that’s not all, Frank Rainieri himself said that they will provide the Ministry of Public Health with other spaces to be able to speed up vaccination efforts much more.

To date, the anticovid vaccine is the most effective way to restore confidence to tourists, which is why the advancement of the days that take place in Punta Cana and other parts of the country are key to sending a positive signal to the source markets, but above all it gives the Dominican Republic a greater advantage over its competitors in the region.

The social conscience that the population is showing when going to the vaccination centers arranged by the health authorities is also applauded. With vaccination the health of nationals and foreigners is guaranteed and at the same time economic reactivation is promoted.

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