Senate approves the first reading of the bill to encourage nautical tourism

The Upper House approved last Wednesday, November 15, the Bill for the Promotion of Recreational Nautical Tourism, an initiative that seeks to encourage a prestigious tourism segment in the Dominican Republic.

The legislative piece is also considered an innovative initiative, containing the new world paradigm known as “blue economy”, in which the Dominican Republic, despite being an island, does not contemplate it in any of its strata.

“The DR has been very successful managing mass tourism, therefore, this is the time to diversify, with yachts and sailboats we have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the environment of economic security to promote a different tourism and thus significantly improve the quality of spending and impact the first segment of tourists who will leave Europe and the United States to vacation in the Caribbean,” said Senator Victoria Yeb.

According to the project, the nautical tourism of recreation is an activity little exploited in the Dominican Republic.

According to Diario Libre, the implementation of the action would dynamize the transport sector, manufacturing and the generation of foreign currency, necessary characteristics for the country and which could be reached thanks to its tourist potential and its strategic location.


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