Senators analyze bill that seeks to encourage nautical tourism

The Senate’s permanent commission on Tourism continues to study the bill on Incentive to Nautical Tourism, which seeks to promote the development of this tourism “that takes place in large bodies of water”.

The information was offered by the upper chamber through Twitter, where it assured that the project is “an opportunity to diversify the tourist offer”.

Said initiative is of the senator for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Alexis Victoria, with which he seeks to promote recreational nautical tourism, a tourist segment that he considers that it is little exploited in the Dominican Republic, which has a unique potential due to the strategic location and the tourist services that the country possesses, according to Nuevo Diario.

It is recalled that the commission of Tourism is composed of the senator Ginette Bournigal, as president; Virgilio Cedano, vice-president; Pedro Manuel Catrain, secretary; and as members are the senators Ramón Rogelio Genao, Dionis Sánchez, José Manuel del Castillo, Franklin Ysaías Peña, Alexis Victoria Yeb and Santiago Zorrilla.

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